Asset Management

SQM is a leading Commercial real estate agency who focus on maximising the financial return on properties for our clients.

At SQM we recognise the importance of strong relationships between property managers and owners.  We believe this long term peronalised relationship will have a direct impact of the net improvement of the investment.

Our key objectives for any property is finding the right tenancy mix, maintaining efficient building systems and developing good relationships with tenants to maximise the financial performance and make every square count for the property owner.

SQM's Asset Management team undertake regular training to keep up to date with legislative changes, compliance obligations and current market trends. 

We keep track of cost effective maintenance and service providers in the marketplace as we're always trying to find ways to reduce operating costs and maximise cash flow for our clients.

SQM Asset Management maximises asset value and promotes tenant retention to deliver a superior return on investment.

It's all about balancing investment security with a strong return for our clients.

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